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The Lallapalooza Twisted Olive Martini Collection:
Koffman created a collection of images celebrating the martini and pimento-stuffed olive for Lallapalooza Restaurant in Monterey, California. Over-sized canvasas in bold colors set the stage for food, drink and FUN!

When Koffman was asked to create a collection of original art for Pat Ottone’s LALLApalooza Restaurant, he envisioned images so dynamic, so unusual that people would stop and stare. And that’s just what happens at one of the Monterey Peninsula’s hottest restaurants.

Located on Alvarado Street in downtown Monterey, LALLApalooza is a gathering place for people with a passion for full-flavored food, spirits and good company. LALLApalooza’s retro-classic decor evokes a sense of a bygone era — a time when life was BIG: Big Meals, Big Martinis, Big Art, Big Music, Big Happenings.

A feast for the eye as well as the appetite, LALLApalooza is home to the Twisted Olive Gallery, a collection of images created by Koffman to celebrate the Martini and Pimento-Stuffed Olive in a light-hearted, sometimes irreverent way.

Koffman at
The Twisted Olive Gallery
in LALLApalooza Restaurant

LALLApalooza Restaurant
474 Alvarado Street
Monterey, California 93940

Enjoying art that presents life in an unexpected, even outrageous manner, Koffman stretched the boundaries of artistic license by reinterpreting familiar masterpieces and contemporary icons into a world dominated by martinis and olives. “I wanted to make people take a closer look, be surprised, crack a smile, maybe even laugh out loud!

The eclectic Twisted Olive Gallery includes mammoth two-dimensional pieces rendered in bright primary colors which dominate the two-story walls of the main room, smaller works fashioned in the style of artistic Masters such as Warhol and Picasso, humorously subtle “etchings”, and even original ceramic notions which decorate the ladies room. The “Neighborhood Martini Watch” sign over the bar sets the tone for fun, food, spirits and friends. The back entrance is dominated by a giant Kinetic Metal Martini.

Koffman is more than pleased with reactions to The Twisted Olive Gallery. “I want my art to be unique, thought-provoking, perhaps a little irreverent, even totally insane at times.

At The Twisted Olive Gallery in LALLApalooza Restaurant, Koffman fulfills his goal — with a bit of a twist and a smile!

The Dining Room
in LALLApalooza Restaurant