The Business of Art
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presented by Dan Koffman

The Following list of 65 topics are each being offered as workshops.
You can choose “by-the-numbers” the topics for workshop focus.

Most workshops run for 2 hours at Koffman’s Studio on Camano Island
and can be shared by up to three participants.


Contact Koffman for details:
or call: 360.387.3024

BUSINESS OF ART Topics Include:

1. Making the Personal Declaration

2. Doing what Artists do: museums,
galleries, books, observation

 3. Art is Choice

 4. Being Honest with Yourself

 5. Do You need Help?

 6. Classes/Seminars/Reading/Consultants

 7. Taking the Leap

 8. Taking the Market Pulse

 9. Studying the Ever-Changing Market

 10. Real Time and on the Internet

 11. Taking Notes

 12. Lists

 13. Your Personal Brand/YOU in the Market

 14. Your Special Touch

 15. Developing Your Style

 16. Finding Your Artistic Voice

 17. Creating your Mission Statement

 18. Creating your Business Plan

 19. Biz Plan as Blank Canvas

 20. Identifying your Art/Business Goals
over next 1/3/5/10 years

21. Setting up your Business

 22. Filing Plan and System

 23. Simple A-Z Manila/Pendeflex

 24. Complex File Boxes to Cabinets

 25. Manifesting Ideas into Reality

 26. Keeping Your Balance

 27. Effective Networking

 28. Building Mailing Lists

 29. Deciding on Your Deliverables

 30. Originals/Pricing

 31. Prints/Pricing

 32. Evaluate Needed Supplies/Suppliers

 33. Other Business Gear

 34. Phones/Fax/Copier

 35. IT- Your Learning

 36. ID needed IT

 37. Line it up

 38 Buy it

 39. Start the Learning

 40. or- Find someone who will do it for you

 41. Professional Assistance

 42. CPA

 43. Lawyer

 44. Your Presentation

 45. Your Bio

 46. Certificates

 47. Labels

 48. Wrapping

 49. ID Your PR Plan

 50. ID Your Marketing Plan

 51. ID Your Advertising Plan

 52. You, Your Art and Community

 53. Get into Production

 54. Stay in Production

 55. Stay in Integrity

 56. Taking Your Art Out  into the Market

 57. The Power of No

 58. The Power of Yes

 59. Art Coaches

 60. Shifting Focus

 61. Regular Evaluations


 63. Patience

Creating Your Own Carrot

 65. Reinvention/Reimagining