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Meet Dan Koffman

At Koffman Gallery on Camano Island, Washington, artist Daniel Koffman proves without a doubt that his work does not fall into the categories typically associated with artists.  His uniquely creative and bold style transcends all mediums and his outrageous humor and imagination transform ordinary concepts into works of art.

       Throughout his more than 40 year career as a successful graphic and commercial artist, product designer and marketer of consumer products, Koffman has remained dedicated to a career not limited to “staying within the lines”.  Born in 1950 and raised in Los Angeles, California, one of his first artistic ventures was a comic book for radio personality Wolfman Jack.  For over 20 years, he applied his artistic style to a broad range of over 1000 internationally marketed consumer products until relocating to the Monterey Peninsula and establishing an international advertising agency, Bottomline Communications, in 1990.  Koffman has incorporated his art and humor into countless corporate projects, injecting an unexpected and often humorous twist into otherwise traditional marketing, merchandising and advertising campaigns.

Koffman believes that art is communication and that the artist has the privilege of choosing what is to be communicated.  Over 20 years ago, he designed the Flag of Peace and Freedom, choosing to let the images of the sun, birds and sky express his desire for peace.  Every year, he corresponds with the Leaders of every Country of the World.  Thus far, 32 countries have flown the Flag of Peace and Freedom.  To Koffman, that is art as communication at its most powerful.

       The World’s First Delicatessen Museum in Southern California is a unique example of Koffman’s creative marketing.  In 1993, he produced over 30 works of three-dimensional art, including The World’s Biggest Bagel (6 foot diameter) displayed crashing through the ceiling, a 5 foot Dill Pickle Blimp, and celebrity parodies such as Bread Astaire, Salami Davis, Jr. and Marilyn MonRoll.  This project transformed a typical delicatessen into a tourist attraction overnight.  Over a decade later, this permanent exhibit continues to create smiles and draw spectators (and customers) from miles around.

       In 1997, Koffman created the Twisted Olive Collection for Lallapalooza Restaurant in Monterey, California.  To promote the restaurant’s Big American Menu and Martini Bar, he created a over 30 works of art around the singular theme of a pimento-stuffed green olive.  The theme, realized on canvas and in metal and ceramics, is carried to every nook and cranny of the upscale restaurant, including the restrooms.           

Koffman joined forces with Monterey County Bank in 1999 to create a totally fresh marketing campaign featuring Charles Chrietzberg, the bank’s CEO.  In the last 8 years, Koffman has depicted Chrietzberg in over 100 guises from Uncle Sam to George Patton . . . from Blacksmith to Baseball player. This campaign has not only been wildly successful for the bank, it has drawn national attention with articles appearing in many trade journals.

In 2000 Koffman realized a life-long dream when he opened Koffman Gallery in downtown Monterey, just steps from scenic Monterey Bay in California. Koffman's "Art with a Smile" focuses on the lighter side of the world we live in. He uses his unique artist's eye to provide and unexpected and often humorous twist to the people, places, events and things that fill our lives. Koffman Gallery is more than a traditional art gallery; it is entertainment that provides smiles, chuckles and a light-hearted look at a sometimes all--too-serious world. Crossing the boundaries of art, creativity and commercial enterprise, Koffman's unique ImpressionisTech style melds impressionism to technology.

There are now over 2500 original images offered by Koffman in 24 Collections that “Celebrate People’s Passions”.  All images are offered in multiple sizes in both Open and Limited Editions at his Camano Island Gallery and other locations as well as his web gallery at:

Over the years, Koffman’s art has been featured in dozens of magazines and on many posters, promoting regional Wine Festivals, Food Festivals and Golf Tournaments.  Additionally, Koffman’s images are widely used by International Corporations featuring their products or services depicted in his unique artistic style with a twist and a smile.

In 2003, Koffman began painting images of Ferraris and has completed dozens of models. His Artwork is regularly featured in Ferrari publications.

In 2004, Dan and Lisa the African elephant painted 30 works of art together and have raised thousands of dollars for the Elephant Rescue Program.  A documentary, produced by Koffman, on his work with Lisa has appeared on television around the country.

In 2008, Koffman launched his most ambitious campaign yet . . . The Golden Rule Activist. About this effort, he says, “We can’t any longer wait for the “powers that be” of the world to make things better for us.  We, the People, have the power, individually and together, to create a better world. Every one of us, everyday, in small and meaningful ways, can have a huge, positive impact when we come truthfully from our hearts, our minds and especially our actions.” Visit for more information.

            Daniel Koffman works in almost every medium.  His creative force is virtually unlimited.  He is a graphic artist by training, creative artist by choice, and experienced businessman and marketing visionary as attested to by his long-term corporate associations.  Koffman’s true enjoyment, realized fully in the Koffman Gallery, lies in creating art that is unique, thought-provoking, humorous and irreverent.  “Art with a bit of a twist and a smile” is the way he describes his style.